Volunteer Opportunities




For a printable copy of this list, please click HERE

Volunteer Activites are Looking for Help NOW! Click Any Link Below to Sign Up and Get Involved!

Friday, Oct 12 Book Fair

Monday, Oct 15 Book Fair

Tuesday, Oct 16 Book Fair

Tuesday, Oct 16 Oral Screenings (PreK-5)

Wednesday, Oct 17 Book Fair

Wednesday, Oct 17 Oral Screenings (PreK-5)

Thursday, Oct 18 Book Fair

Thursday, Oct 18 Fall Conference Staff Dinner

Thursday, Oct 25 Health Screenings (PreK-5)

Friday, Oct 26 Health Screenings (PreK-5)

Wednesday, Nov 7 Health Screenings (SEA)

Yahoo/Boo Hoo BreakfastWednesday August 22nd & Thursday August 23rd, 2018

Help by supplying baked goods, promoting the event, or be there to greet our newest parents. (younger children welcome)


Back to School Night & Smoothie Social Thursday September 6th, 2018

Help with making smoothies or shopping for smoothie ingredients. (younger children welcome)


Picture DayWednesday September 12th, 2018

Help guide students and classes and offer support to the photographer. (no younger children please)


Walk-A-ThonWednesday September 26th (October 3rd Rain Date), 2018

Help by preparing collection envelopes, setting up, counting laps, making certificates, donating fruit

and water etc. (younger children welcome)


Harvest Day and PicnicTBD

Help students and classes harvest our gardens so we can host a garden lunch for all grades!!

Fall Book FairFriday October 12th to Thursday October 18th, 2018

Help with setup, cleanup, help with student previews, help with sales.  (no younger children please)


Staff Appreciation Dinner #1. Hosted by 2nd and 3rd GradeThursday October 18th, 2018

Families of 2nd and 3rd graders contribute a dish, assist with setup and cleanup.


Health ScreeningsThursday October 25 & Friday October 26, 2018

Help needed to screen vision and hearing for all students (Training will be provided, no younger

children please)


Christmas In Divide Saturday November 10th,  2018 (not officially announced)

Help by selling lunch items to attendees during this craft sale. (younger children welcome)


Holiday ShopMonday December 10th through Friday December 14th, 2018

Assist students with budgeting and shopping for family members.  (no younger children please)


Staff Appreciation Dinner #2. Hosted by 4th and 5th GradeTuesday December 18th, 2018

Families of 4th and 5th graders contribute a dish, assist with setup and cleanup.


Family Fun Night TBD

Help organize some fun activities, serve dinner, or just enjoy time with you family and the Summit



Spring Book SWAPMonday March 18th – Thursday March 21st, 2019

Help with setup, cleanup, assistance with sales.


Read-A-ThonFriday March 15th – Sunday March 31st, 2019

Help design promotional material, assist with principal’s challenge (TBD),


Staff Appreciation Dinner #3.  Hosted by Kinder and 1st GradeThursday March  22nd, 2018

Families of kinder and 1st graders contribute a dish, assist with setup and cleanup.


Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast Friday May 10 at 7:45am in the LMC!

Whether you volunteered once a week, once a month or once this year, we want to celebrate your contribution to our school!! Thank you for your support!


Ongoing  Volunteer Opportunities:

Supporters of Summit – We meet once a month the second Monday of the month at 4:15. All are welcome!! Just show up when you can!! suptso@wpsdk12.org


Family Fun NightThe next events will need to be planned and organized. If you would like to support this effort please see any SOS member and let them know of your interest to help!

Harvest of the MonthThis is a once a month taste testing of new fruits and vegetables with all students during their lunch period. We need support dividing the new food into samples and offering it to students. The day of the week has not yet been determined. Please contact Nicole Hartje at nicole.hartje@yahoo.com

Summit Gardens – Ongoing help harvesting, watering until November.  Please contact Mary Crade at mcrade@wpsdk12.org.

Office Support – Assist in the office stuffing envelopes, alphabetizing materials, counting flyers, or answering phones. Office needs vary throughout the year. Please contact Gretchen Simmons at gsimmons@wpsdk12.org.

School Accountability Committee – We meet quarterly to discuss budget and the direction of the school.  Our meetings will be 10/12, 12/7, 2/8, 4/12 at 7:45 am. Please contact Katie Rexford at krexford@wpsdk12.org

Elevate your Environmental Education (E3) – Volunteer to support the Catamount instructors while our students are engaged in outdoor learning. Please contact Beth Austin at austin@catamountinstitue.org  

Sandwich Board – We need someone that would be willing to write messages on our sandwich board to set out in front to help share information! Please contact Katie Rexford at krexford@wpsdk12.org.

Summit Studio Work with a partner and run a small group of students once a week for 45 minutes working on a variety of skills. Materials and training will be provided!! You are there to facilitate the learning while the students do the work! You will become a mentor to our young students! Please contact Katie Rexford at krexford@wpsdk12.org.

Volunteering in the Classroom or on Field Trips – Please contact your child’s classroom teacher.


Every time you volunteer you can earn a chance to win! Enter your name every time you sign in at the front office!!


Upcoming Volunteer Training Dates:

Thursday 9/6/18 at 6:00 pm…Monday 9/17 at 8:00 am…Tuesday 10/9/18 at 4:15 pm…Thursday 11/8/18 at 8:00 am…Wednesday 12/5/18 at 4:15 pm…Friday 1/18/19 at 8:00 am…Monday 2/11/19 at 4:15 pm…Wednesday 3/20/19 at 8:00 am…Friday 4/5/19 at 4:15 pm

You only need to be trained every two years! If you have any questions, please contact Katie Rexford at krexford@wpsdk12.org or call 686-2403


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