School to Work Alliance Program

Ute Pass BOCES


In anticipation of questions that frequently arise, we have attempted to answer some of those questions here:


Is there a waiting list to get into program?

 There is currently not a waiting list to get into the program, however, you must first apply and become eligible for Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services in order to receive SWAP services. If you are considering the School to Work Alliance Program, please donít hesitate to contact the program coordinator for more information on how to apply.


How long will it take me to get a job?

 The amount of time it takes to get a job will depend on you and how ready and motivated you are. SWAP does not get you the job, you do! The program prepares you for your job search, helps to assess your skills and interest levels, determines if you are job-ready, and helps you to find employers and companies you are interested in. The program will help you to create a resume, help you to fill out applications and teach you valuable interviewing skills along the way. Motivated and prepared participants will have success sooner than those who do not participate fully.


Does this program have a fee?

 There is not a fee for this program. The School to Work Alliance Program receives its support from their partners in the Colorado Department of Education and The Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.


What kind of support can I expect?

 SWAP will work as hard as you do! This program wants you to be successful and will be with you every step of the way to help you overcome any barriers that you might have. You drive the success of your partnership with SWAP and you have the key to your success. Being open and ready to work with the program puts you in the driverís seat!


What if I have never had a job before?

 The School to Work Alliance Program works with many youth that have never been employed before. SWAP will help you to identify if you already have the skills or need a little extra training before you go out and get a job. With help from this program, you will be prepared and knowledgeable about finding the right job for you.