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Woodland Park Middle School Wireless Internet Information
This fall wireless Internet was added to the Middle School. Wireless allows us to bring the computers to the students, which increases student access for research and assignments, and provides for a more efficient use of classroom time. When used with district computers this system provides an identical service to students as our hard wired system. The new wireless system also allows for a “guest” login that is essentially a direct link to the Internet. The Internet accessed through the guest login is protected with the same, if not greater, level of security and filtering as our internal system that is currently available to students. We understand that a growing number of students own, and bring to school, wireless Internet enabled devices (smart phones, ipads, laptops, iphones, etc.). Allowing students to login as guests to our wireless Internet using these devices is an innovative way for schools to increase computer access and classroom efficiency. We plan to open the new wireless system to students on January 25th. Below are some important policies and information for students and parents to be aware of:

The Internet user agreement signed by students and parents at the beginning of the year will also pertain to the wireless system.

Students are not required to bring wireless Internet ready devices to school for any class or assignment.
Students that bring these devices may use the system as directed by school staff for academic purposes only. Students accessing the system without permission or for non-academic purposes may have their device confiscated and returned to a parent at our front office.

Woodland Park Middle School and Woodland Park School District RE-2 are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen devices. Parents and students are responsible for any service or updates that their device may require.
Although our firewall is very good, we are not responsible for any viruses that might be transferred to a device or any inappropriate websites that students might intentionally or inadvertently access. Students are not allowed to use their device to bypass our secure system using other technologies such as “hot spots” or proxy servers.

We believe that allowing students access to this system and teaching them appropriate uses are important skills for 21st century learners. These skills will have long term benefits for their future education and work readiness. If you would like more information on students and the use of technology including the use of social networking, please plan to attend CAP’s presentation of “Teens and Technology” Monday, February 6th here at the Middle School. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at call 686-2200.

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