Graduation Requirements


Woodland Park High School is a four year school accredited by the Colorado Department of Education which includes ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades.  Minimum graduation requirements are established by the Colorado Department of Education and the Woodland Park School District Re-2 School Board.  To graduate from Woodland Park High School, a student must have the credits listed below.


Credits      Content Area                                 

     3.0         Mathematics

     2.0         Science

     3.0         English

     3.0         Social Studies to include:

                     0.5 Civics/Government

                     0.5 Geography

                     1.0 World History

                     1.0 American History

     1.5         Physical Education

                     0.5 Health

     4.0       Academic Electives

The above WPHS credits remain the same as in previous years.  In the transition to our 7-period day schedule beginning with the 2013-14 school year, the General Elective credits requirements will be changing as follows:

Class of 2017 – needs   8.0 General Elective credits for 25 total credits (28 possible)

  • Credit assignments are delineated in course descriptions that follow.
  • Graduation requirements may be adjusted by the Re-2 School Board.
  • Students planning to pursue post-secondary education are encouraged to investigate specific college entrance requirements, which may vary from current WPHS graduation requirements.
  • Woodland Park High School is on a semester credit system.  Course credit is earned by semester with .5 credit awarded for each successfully completed course.  Students will receive a grade at the end of each quarter and a semester grade at the end of first and second semester.
  • Grade point averages are computed at the end of each semester.  Only semester grades are included in the student’s cumulative grade point average.
  • Any student who withdraws from a course after the tenth school attendance day of any quarter will receive a withdrawal failing “WF” grade for the course.  Any exceptions to this policy will be handled on an individual basis.
  • If a student fails a course that is required 1) for graduation or 2) as a prerequisite for the next level course, the student may have to repeat the course or may be required to take another course to fulfill the requirement.  Most courses can be taken only once for credit, however, the following may be repeated for credit.
  • Not all courses may be offered in the current school year.


·         Production Journalism
·         Leadership
·         Yearbook
·         Computer Programming
·         Advanced Computer Programming
Social Studies
·         Current Events/Global Issues
Physical Education and Health
·         Physical Education
·         Strength and Conditioning
·         FITT
·         Lifetime Fitness
·         Accounting
·         Advanced Wood Shop
Fine Arts
·         College Bound Artist
·         Theater Arts II
·         Advanced Theater Arts
·         Advanced Stagecraft
·         Choir
·         Madrigals
·         Select Ladies Ensemble
·         Women’s Glee
·         Men’s Ensemble
·         Jazz Band
·         Wind Ensemble
·         Symphonic Band
·         Concert Band
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