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PTSO Summit Elementary

The Parent, Teacher, Student Organization at Summit has monthly meetings and welcomes everyone to attend. We discuss school issues, organize activities and raise money.

PTSO helps our library offer two Book Fairs during the year. All procedes go to purchasing books and technology for Summit Elementary.

We also organize the ice cream social, reading night, science night and many other activities for the kids.
Come to the meetings and see what it is all about. Every year we have officer openings, or just come as a parent. We are always looking for ideas. Many of the people involved have full time jobs and balance busy family lives… there is always something that you can give.

Click here to visit our website for more information.

Please feel free to contact any of the following people for information at

President – Tiffany Christensen
Vice President – Dwayne Faux
Other President – Principal Katie Rexford
Treasurer – Sue Bruns
Secretary – Sabrina Dana
Fundraising Coordinator – Tiffany Christensen
Volunteer Coordinator –

PTSO Volunteers
You can contact PTSO if you are interested in volunteering at

  • Volunteers must have: A yearly background check through the district, a Photo Volunteer Badge, and attend a Volunteer Orientation
  • You can also come to the meetings or join PTSO.
  • We are always looking for new ideas.
  • If you can volunteer for any of the summit activities please sign up to help.

Teacher Qualifications
As a parent of a student at Gateway Elementary you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teacher who instructs your child. This is a requirement for all districts that receive Title I funds. Federal law allows you to request certain information about your student’s classroom teacher. The law also requires the district to give you this information in a timely manner upon request. Listed below is the information about which you have the right to ask for regarding each of your student’s classroom teachers.

  • Whether the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has licensed or endorsed your student’s teacher for the grades and subjects taught.
  • Whether CDE has decided that your student’s teacher can teach in a classroom without being licensed or qualified under state regulations because of special circumstances.
  • The teacher’s college major; whether the teacher has any advanced degrees, and, if so, the subject of the degrees.
  • Whether any teachers’ aides or similar paraeducators provide services to your child and, if they do, their qualifications.

Please contact Peggy Gonzales at 719-686-2000 if you would like to receive any of this information.

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