Clubs and Extended Learning

Gateway Choir
The Choir has been a tradition at our school for many years.  They are singing ambassadors who represent our school throughout the community.  Choir students must have excellent character, the commitment to attend all rehearsals and performances, and the desire to improve their musical ability.  Choir rehearsals will be held each Thursday throughout the year.  The dress will be black slacks, black shoes and black socks provided by the student, and a Panther vest  which will be provided by the school. If your child joins the Choir, he or she will be expected to make a commitment to attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances except for illness.  Call 686-2182, if your child wishes to join, or have your child ask for a permission slip.

Chess Club
Do you like to play chess?  Would you like to learn?  Join the Gateway Chess Club!  Chess Club meets every Monday from 3:00-3:55 in the Panther Den.  Chess Club starts in September and runs through May.  All ages and abilities are welcome, but we ask that kindergartners and first graders bring an adult with them.  Parents are encouraged to participate too!  For more information, please contact Greg Davis at 686-2044.

LEGO Robotics
Grade 3-5 studentts will work with LEGO WeDo and Mindstorms to explore robotics and programming over the course of the year. Some of the groups will complete design challenges and participate in competitions

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math will be combined in a club that builds, invents, designs, and tests using creative problem solving and scientific method. This is a hands-on curriculum for grades 2-5.

After School PE
A variety of PE activities are offered several times throughout the year.


L.E.A.R.N. Academy

›Student L.E.A.R.N. Academy is a place where students can come together and find greatness in themselves and others and give back by serving the school and community.







Student Council Team:

  • ›Grades: 4-5
  • ›Create and run a student store
  • ›In charge of fundraising
  • ›Event planning (Retro Night, turf ribbon cutting, homecoming, etc.)
  • ›Meets Friday mornings 7am
  • ›School Greet Team


The Green Team

›Grades: K-5

  • ›Recycling
  • ›Trash
  • ›Caring for our school perimeter
  • ›Garden care
  • ›Science center (outside K rooms)


The Tech Team

›Grades: 3-5

  • ›Yearbook input
  • ›Photos for yearbook or newsletters
  • ›Documents for parents and community



›Grades: K-5

  • ›School Greeting team
  • ›Community Service
  • ›Serve at Breakfast with Santa


After School PE Programs

Our physical education teacher, Mrs. Howard, provides monthly after school PE programs for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.  The program includes activities such as floor hockey, ultimate frisbee and kickball to name a few, as well as other current curriculum being taught in PE.  Each after school program is $15.00 per student and ranges from four to six days for an hour after school. The days do vary with other happenings with the building and or district. After school activities provide extra learning opportunities for students.  They are great for students in developing a physically active lifestyle and meeting new friends. Mrs. Howard will send permission slips home with students who are interested in participating.

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