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Options for Homeschooling Families

WPSD Online Program & Cottage School


Woodland Park School District offers several options to families who choose to Homeschool their children.  Our On-Line program offers a full curriculum for the homeschooled student with follow-up and assistance through our Homeschool Liaison, Sandy Struble.  Our elementary Cottage School is an opportunity for students who are homeschooled to participate in enrichment activities in the elementary school two afternoons a week.  We also encourage students who are homeschooled at the Middle School and High School level to participate part-time in enrichment classes, content area courses, and activities and athletics. For more information contact: 

Sandy Struble
On-Line and Cottage School Teacher
Gateway Elementary School

Online School Forms

WPSD Online Program (Grades K-12)

Woodland Park School District offers an Online Program (WPSD Online Program) option for students in Grades K-12.  We use Lincoln Interactive which offers full programming from Kindergarten through High School.  The program is managed through an on-line computer system, but also includes textbooks, reading books, hands on materials, writing assignments, etc.

Our WPSD Online Program offers a full curriculum for the homeschooled student.  It is used by the parent or learning coach to teach the student at home. Follow-up and assistance is provided through our Homeschool Liaison, Sandy Struble. WPSD Online Program may be used as a full curriculum including music and art or in combination with some of our school based programs designed to complement home based schooling options including the Cottage School for elementary students or part-time enrolled students at the Middle School.  Our Online Program is very rigorous and requires a fair amount of parent or learning coach involvement, especially in the lower grades.

Cost of the WPSD Online Program and Enrollment

There is no cost to families enrolled and working on the curriculum by Sept. 15.  All students must complete a full enrollment packet available at Gateway Elementary School.  It is recommended that students enroll in early August in order to ensure curriculum will be available by the start of the school year.  We do not enroll students after September 15.

What is Supplied?

Each family that registers for a full WPSD Online core curriculum (language arts, math, science, and social studies) will be issued a voucher every 3 years towards the purchase of a computer and printer, as well as a $30 monthly voucher to help cover the cost of high speed internet access.  Families will need to pick up the cost of some consumable materials such as printer ink and paper and repairs.

Other Requirements

  • WPSD Online students must participate in all District and Colorado State Assessments including CSAP (Grades 3 through 10), ACT, PLAN, and CBLA (Colorado Basic Literacy Act).
  • Attendance must be kept, but parents have flexibility in scheduling time.  Student progress is monitored throughout the year.
  • Frequent communication between parent, student and on-line teacher is encouraged to set goals and discuss progress.
  • Additional services may be provided to students needing literacy support, special education services, etc.


Elementary Cottage School

The Cottage School is an opportunity for children who are currently homeschooled to participate in enrichment activities in a structured school setting.  The Cottage School complements your own home-schooling curriculum. Students in Grades K-5 attend Gateway Elementary for two afternoons per week with a certified teacher.  During that time, students participate in physical education, art, music, science hands-on labs (not a complete science curriculum), Spanish, drama, technology and library/media time.  Other options could include literacy assessments, school-wide events, programs, assemblies, intramurals, choir, clubs and class field trips.

When and Where?

Classes meet two afternoons per week depending on the grade level.  Contact Gateway Elementary for specific days and times as well as class availability.


Our Cottage School is offered at no cost to families enrolled and in attendance by October 1st.  Classes will be filled on a first come first served basis when all district enrollment forms are completed and turned in.  Students may enroll throughout the school year if space is available.

What if my child participates in an On-Line program?

Students enrolled in the WPSD Online Program are welcome to attend our Cottage School.  For students attending another district's on-line program, we must receive written approval from that program to share funding prior to enrollment.

Do you have a Cottage School for Middle School or High School Students?

Middle School and High School students who homeschool are welcome to attend our schools for at least two or more classes of their choice.  Because of the number of classes available and to accommodate individual interests, there is no actual Cottage School.  Counselors at both Woodland Park Middle School and High School work hard to arrange classes to best meet student needs.

Please complete all forms, print the forms and turn them in at your student's school office.

District Enrollment Form

Lincoln Enrollment Form

Online School Handbook

Online School Computer Policy Form

Online Agreement Form

Proof of Residency Form

WPSD On-Line Brochure

WPSD Cottage School Brochure


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