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Options for schooling at home

 Woodland Park School District offers several options for families who choose to school their children at home. Our online program offers a full curriculum, along with follow-up and assistance through our Liaisons, Sandy Struble (for grades K-5) and Diana Roberts ( for students grades 6-12). Our Homeschool Enrichment Academy provides an opportunity for online and homeschooled students to participate in enrichment activities at Gateway Elementary School or Summit Elementary School one day each week.  Our online and home-schooled middle school and high school students are encouraged to participate part-time in enrichment and content area courses on campus, as well as in athletics and many other activities at Woodland Park High School and Woodland Park Middle School.

For more information, see the descriptions below, or contact:

Sandy Struble

Grades K-5 Online & Homeschool Enrichment Academy Teacher

Gateway & Summit Elementary School



Diana Roberts

Grades 6-12 Online Liaison

Woodland Park High School & Woodland Park Middle School



WPSD Online Program (Grades K-12)

Woodland Park School District’s online program utilizes curriculum from Lincoln Interactive, and includes full programming at all grade levels. The program is managed through an online computer system, but, depending on the class and level, may also include textbooks, reading books, hands-on materials, writing assignments, etc.


Follow-up and assistance are provided through our Liaisons. Our online program is very rigorous and requires significant parent/learning coach involvement, especially in the younger grades. They don’t “go it alone,” however, as our Liaisons, Sandy Struble and Diana Roberts, make themselves available to answer questions, problem solve, and even help in content areas when necessary.


Online students have access to fine arts and other enrichment opportunities. WPSD Online Program may be used as a full curriculum, including some music and art, or in combination with many of our campus-based programs. The elementary one day per week Cottage School is specifically designed to complement home-based schooling options. Online and homeschooled middle school and high school students have access to the same enrichment/elective opportunities as campus students.


Generally, there is no cost to families who enroll in the WPSD Online Program, as long as students are enrolled and working on the curriculum by September 15. All students must complete an enrollment packet, available at Gateway Elementary School for elementary students and at the District Office for middle school and high school students. We recommend that students enroll in early August to ensure curriculum will be available by the start of the school year. After September 15th options may only be available with fees.


WPSD will provide some help to get started. Each family that registers for a full WPSD Online core curriculum (language arts, math, science, and social studies) will be issued a voucher every three years toward the purchase of a computer and/or printer, as well as a $30 monthly voucher to help cover the cost of high-speed internet access. Families will need to pick up the cost of some consumable materials, such as paper, printer ink, and repairs.


Other requirements are bulleted below:

  • WPSD Online students must participate in all District and Colorado State Assessments, including CMAS (grades 3-12), ACT (grade 11), and PLAN (grade 10). CBLA (Colorado Basic Literacy Act) includes DIBLES and STAR Reading, Math and Early Literacy. These assessments monitor students’ progress throughout the year in Grades K-5.
  • Attendance must be kept, but parents have flexibility in scheduling time. Student progress is monitored throughout the year.
  • Frequent communication between parent, student, and online teacher is encouraged to help set goals and discuss progress.
  • Additional services may be provided to students needing literacy support, special education services, etc.


K-8 Homeschool Enrichment Academy:

The Homeschool Enrichment Academy provides an opportunity for children who are currently home-schooled to participate in enrichment activities in a structured school setting.

The Homeschool Enrichment Academy complements your own home-school curriculum.


Students in Grades K-5 attend Gateway Elementary or Summit Elementary one day per week with a certified teacher. During that time, students participate in physical education, art, music, science hands-on labs (not a complete science curriculum), Spanish/Sign, drama, technology and library/media time. Other options could include literacy assessments, school-wide events, programs, assemblies, intramurals, choir, clubs and class field trips.


When and Where?

Actual schedules depend on students’ grade levels. Contact Gateway or Summit Elementary for specific days and times, as well as class availability.



Our Homeschool Enrichment Academy is offered at no cost to families enrolled and in attendance by October 1st. Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis when all district enrollment forms are completed and turned in. Students may enroll throughout the school year if space is available.


What if my child participates in an online program?

Students enrolled in the WPSD Online Program are welcome to attend our Homeschool Enrichment Academy. For students attending another district’s online program, we must receive written approval from that program to share funding prior to enrollment.


Do you have a Homeschool Enrichment Academy for Middle School and High School students?

Middle School students are invited to attend the Homeschool Enrichment Academy at Summit Elementary.  Additionally, Middle School and High School students who homeschool or enroll in the WPSD Online Program are encouraged to attend our schools for at least two classes of their choice. Because of the number of campus classes available and to accommodate individual interests, there is no actual Cottage School. Counselors at Woodland Park Middle School and Woodland Park High School work hard to arrange classes to best meet student needs.




Welcome to Gateway Preschool 2016-2017!!

Vision: We will grow passionate and compassionate thinkers and doers.

We believe:

  • All children learn at their level.
  • Families are a critical component of the learning process.
  • Preschool is the first impression of the educational system for most families. We are setting the tone for education.
  • Preschool prepares children for life.
  • Early Childhood makes a large impact.
  • Preschool develops a sense of school, community, and beyond.
  • Whole-child emphasis.
  • Focus on the child.

Each child will:

  • Develop learning behavior
  • Self-regulation
  • Independence
  • Acceptance
  • Perseverance
  • Intrinsic Motivation Centered

The Preschool program is Woodland Park School District’s Early Intervention Program. There is a Preschool program at all three elementary schools. It is a developmentally appropriate preschool for children 3 to 5 years of age, including but not limited to children with special needs and children who are eligible for the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP).

Highly qualified staff members work with young children with challenging learning styles. Developmental screenings for children, aged birth through five are held to identify those who need further evaluation. Bi-monthly team evaluations will be offered to identify children who need special services provided by the school district.

A.  Special Needs: These children qualify for preschool program specialized services as determined by our district’s Child Find team. A child must fall below the 7th percentile on a standardized evaluation tool in one area of development (social, motor, speech/language and/or cognitive areas). Preschool for these children is on a significantly reduced rate. Services provided are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

B. Colorado Preschool Program (CPP): These children do not qualify for special education services; however, they are at risk for learning due to a variety of factors such as health, a mild developmental delay, crisis in the home, etc. In addition, a child must be eligible for kindergarten the following school year. Preschool for these children is on a significantly reduced rate.

C. Tuition: These children do not qualify for either Special Needs or the Colorado Preschool Program. These children are developing typically and pay tuition. Research has proven that there are benefits for all children to have blended classrooms where children with a variety of needs are integrated into the same setting.

Gateway Preschool Hours

*If your child is in the full day class or ½ day AM class they may choose to buy a breakfast.

Breakfast starts at 7:20 am. (Parent/guardian must stay with their preschooler if eating in the cafeteria. A child can eat in the classroom with teacher supervision after 7:35 am.)  All students have the option to buy lunch. (Parent/guardian of ½ day students must stay with their child if eating in the cafeteria.) Full Day students have the option to buy lunch and will be with teachers under direct supervision in the large classroom. If you choose to stay with your child in the cafeteria, you must first sign-in in the Gateway front office.

½ day AM class begins at 7:35 am

Full Day class begins at 7:35 am

Tardy Bell rings at 7:50 am

Dismissal for ½ day AM class is at 10:35 am

½ day PM class begins at 11:45 am

Dismissal for ½ day PM class is at 2:45 pm

Dismissal for full day class is at 2:55 pm

***If there is a two-hour delay, the ½ day AM class will be cancelled, and full day class will begin at 9:35 am.***


District Preschool Tuition Fees

½ Day Class – Nine payments of $200.00 per month starting on September 1st.

Full Day Class – Nine payments of $450.00 per month starting on September 1st.

If your child receives tuition assistance from the *Colorado Preschool Program or receives Special Services through a Special Education Program, tuition is as follows:

½ Day Program – Nine payments of $20.00 per month starting on September 1st to pay for snack fees.

Full Day Program – Nine payments of $250.00 per month starting on September 1st to pay for the second half of the day and snack fees.

***Applications for tuition assistance through the Colorado Preschool Program are available in the elementary office or from the Preschool Director; please call 686-2199***

***Qualifications for “Free and Reduced Meals” only covers breakfast and/or lunch; it does not cover any snack fees.***

Preschool Handbook