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Woodland Park High School Volleyball

Welcome to the Home of Lady Panthers Volleyball!

2018 Volleyball Season

Varsity (V)

Name Jersey # Grade Position Height
Tring, Allie 1 10 DS, OH 5’5
Blacklock, Libby 2 12 OH, DS 5’4
Purkey, Karly 3 11 S 5’5
Gilmore, Lacey 4 12 OPP, MB 5’8
Battin, Delaney 5 11 OH 5’7
Newsome, Kylee 6 12 S, OPP 5’10
Cox, Kourtney 7 12 OH 5’8
Edie, Cailin 8 12 DS, Lib 5’6
McAbee, Trinity 9 10 MB, OPP 5’9
Buchholz, Sammie 10 12 OPP, DS, OH 5’7
Garner, Sarah 12 11 MB 6’0
Couch, Teagan 17 12 Lib, DS 5’5


Junior Varsity (JV)

Name Jersey # Grade Position Height
Hutson, Abby 1 10 Lib 5’2
Ingalsbe, Lauren 3 10 S 5’3
Schnierle, Patrice 5 10 S 5’6
Tring, Allie 6 10 OH 5’5
Simmons, Rachel 8 10 Opp, OH 5’7
Doust, Piper 9 10 MB 5’8
Wells, Kyla 11 10 OH 5’6
McClintock, Grace 12 9 MB 5’9


C-Team (C)

Name Jersey # Grade Position Height
Carrillo, Carly 3 9 OH 5’4
Evans, Libby 4 10 OPP 5’8
Kirk, Grace 7 9 MB 5’6
Roshek, Savannah 9 9 S 5’4
Thornton, Ashley 10 9 DS 5’2
McClintock, Grace 12 9 OH, MB 5’9
Cargill, Kassidy 13 10 MB, OPP 5’11
Hernandez, Olivia 14 9 OH, OPP 5’3
Kirk, Brittany 19 10 Lib 5’1


Panther Volleyball Coaching Staff
Stacy Roshek – Varsity Head Coach
Sandie Cockroft – JV Head Coach
Tami Garner – C-team Head Coach
Kassidi Gilgenast – Varsity Assistant Coach

Team Manager – Rayna Smith

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Practice Schedule
August 13-16: 7:30 – 9:30

August 20 – end of season:  3:30 – 5:30; Fridays end at 5:00

Pre-Season Scrimmage @ WPHS & WPMS (5 Teams)
Friday, August 17:  4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Varsity & JV at WPHS

C-team at WPMS

Match Schedule

Matches are held primarily on Tuesday and Thursdays throughout the Fall season. Up to date schedule is available on the Colorado Springs Metro League website below.

View Woodland Park High School Volleyball Match Schedule on CSML

View Match Results and Statistics

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Welcome to Gateway Preschool 2018-2019!!

Vision: We will grow passionate and compassionate thinkers and doers.

We believe:

  • All children learn at their level.
  • Families are a critical component of the learning process.
  • Preschool is the first impression of the educational system for most families. We are setting the tone for education.
  • Preschool prepares children for life.
  • Early Childhood makes a large impact.
  • Preschool develops a sense of school, community, and beyond.
  • Whole-child emphasis.
  • Focus on the child.

Each child will:

  • Develop learning behavior
  • Self-regulation
  • Independence
  • Acceptance
  • Perseverance
  • Intrinsic Motivation Centered

The Preschool program is Woodland Park School District’s Early Intervention Program. There is a Preschool program at all three elementary schools. It is a developmentally appropriate preschool for children 3 to 5 years of age, including but not limited to children with special needs and children who are eligible for the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP).

Highly qualified staff members work with young children with challenging learning styles. Developmental screenings for children, aged birth through five are held to identify those who need further evaluation. Bi-monthly team evaluations will be offered to identify children who need special services provided by the school district.

A.  Special Needs: These children qualify for preschool program specialized services as determined by our district’s Child Find team. A child must fall below the 7th percentile on a standardized evaluation tool in one area of development (social, motor, speech/language and/or cognitive areas). Preschool for these children is on a significantly reduced rate. Services provided are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

B. Colorado Preschool Program (CPP): These children do not qualify for special education services; however, they are at risk for learning due to a variety of factors such as health, a mild developmental delay, crisis in the home, etc. In addition, a child must be eligible for kindergarten the following school year. Preschool for these children is on a significantly reduced rate.

C. Tuition: These children do not qualify for either Special Needs or the Colorado Preschool Program. These children are developing typically and pay tuition. Research has proven that there are benefits for all children to have blended classrooms where children with a variety of needs are integrated into the same setting.

Gateway Preschool Hours

*If your child is in the full day class or ½ day AM class they may choose to buy a breakfast.

Breakfast starts at 7:20 am. (Parent/guardian must stay with their preschooler if eating in the cafeteria. A child can eat in the classroom with teacher supervision after 7:35 am.)  All students have the option to buy lunch. (Parent/guardian of ½ day students must stay with their child if eating in the cafeteria.) Full Day students have the option to buy lunch and will be with teachers under direct supervision in the large classroom. If you choose to stay with your child in the cafeteria, you must first sign-in in the Gateway front office.

½ day AM class begins at 7:35 am

Full Day class begins at 7:35 am

Tardy Bell rings at 7:50 am

Dismissal for ½ day AM class is at 10:35 am

½ day PM class begins at 11:45 am

Dismissal for ½ day PM class is at 2:45 pm

Dismissal for full day class is at 2:55 pm

***If there is a two-hour delay, the ½ day AM class will be cancelled, and full day class will begin at 9:35 am.***


District Preschool Tuition Fees

½ Day Class – Nine payments of $200.00 per month starting on September 1st.

Full Day Class – Nine payments of $450.00 per month starting on September 1st.

If your child receives tuition assistance from the *Colorado Preschool Program or receives Special Services through a Special Education Program, tuition is as follows:

½ Day Program – Nine payments of $20.00 per month starting on September 1st to pay for snack fees.

Full Day Program – Nine payments of $250.00 per month starting on September 1st to pay for the second half of the day and snack fees.

***Applications for tuition assistance through the Colorado Preschool Program are available in the elementary office or from the Preschool Director; please call 686-2199***

***Qualifications for “Free and Reduced Meals” only covers breakfast and/or lunch; it does not cover any snack fees.***

Gateway Preschool Handbook