Wellness Committee (WELCO)

The Woodland Park School District is fortunate to be grant funded by the Colorado Department of Education: Healthy Schools, Successful Students Grant and Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools Grant in order to help provide education through different Health and Wellness strategies for the school district’s students & staff, families and community.  These grants help fund a Wellness Coordinator, a District Wellness Committee (WELCO) team and school WELCO teams.  Together, we focus on the “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child” model which encompasses 10 components of Health & Wellness.   We have adopted a district Wellness Policy  and have the following mission statement:

The mission of WELCO is to improve the climate of our schools and increase the academic achievement of our students through education, programs, services and activities that promote positive, healthy lifestyles, choices and habits.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child  (click here)

WSCC Model

District overview within the 10 components of wellness

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 Upcoming EVENTS for 2016-17 School Year:

*Flat 14ers—Spring 2017

*Professional Development Day “Integrating Physical Activity Into the School Day”—April 21, 2017

*District WELCO meeting—May 3, 2017

*National Bike to School Day—May 10,2017

*5th Grade Field Day—May 12, 2017

Pre-School Oral Health Screenings

High School Climbing Wall

Jump Rope for Heart at Summit Elementary


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-Columbine  Elementary
-Gateway Elementary 
-Summit Elementary
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-High School
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Healthy Non-food Rewards             

    Harvest of the Month April 24-28 (Jicama)





       Sarah Cole

School WELCO Teams & Co-Leaders:

Columbine Elementary—Julie Cutting & Sara Stone-Dvorak
 Gateway Elementary—–Lori Lays, Anne Marie Leanza, & Heidi Howard
Summit Elementary——Katie Rexford & Sue Wright  

Woodland Park MS——-Nicole Vergenz, Taylor Clark, & Kathy Morford 

Woodland Park HS——-Catherine Becker, Angie Cunningham, & Andrea Orth

Central Administration—Dianna Trimble

District WELCO members     and         COMMUNITY

-Brian Gustafson                                                     –Kaiser Permanente

-all school co-leaders                                        -Community Partnership

-Tonya Williams                                                       –Harvest Center

-Carol Greenstreet                                     –North Teller County Build a Generation

-Karen Casey-Svetich                                        –Teller County Public Health

-Sean Goings                                                   –American Heart Association

-Rose Banzhaf                                                              –GoNoodle

-Misty McMahan

-Jacque Revello

-Beth Ortiz

-Tammy Clark

-Kathy Cefus

For more information or if you would like to get involved with our school district’s

Wellness Committee (WELCO), please contact:

Sarah Cole, 719-231-2527



school/district WELCO leaders




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