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District Office Staff Information



Dr. Jed Bowman
Superintendent of Schools

Kelley Havin
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Secretary to the Board of Education








Sue Richard
Administrative Services


  • Administration Supervision
  • District Complaint Management
  • Board End Statement
  • Fiscal Management of District
  • Administrative Policy Management
  • Strategic Leadership and Vision for District
  • Labor Relations and Negotiations
  • Safety and Security of all Students and Personnel
  • Communicates/Reports to the Board of Education
  • Oversight of District Budget Priorities
  • Oversight of all District Operations
  • Community and Media Liaison


  • SubFinder
  • Monitor Student Enrollment
  • Maintain District Student Records
  • Notary Services
Assistant Superintendent  

Linda Murray
Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Kelley Havin
Administrative Assistant

  • Assures Compliance with all Colorado Department of Education

Directives and Initiatives

  • Assures Compliance with all State Statutes
  • Assures Compliance with all Federal Programs
  • Oversight of Continuous Improvement and Supervision of District Programs

Curriculum & Instruction

  • Evaluation of Academic Programs
  • District Leadership for Colorado Academic Standards Implementation
  • District Leadership for Curriculum and Instruction
  • District Leadership for Literacy
  • District Leadership for 21st Century Teaching and Learning Cycle
  • District Leadership for Curriculum Materials and Textbook Adoption
  • District Leadership for Standards-based Grading and Progress


  • New Teacher Induction
  • Oversight of Instructional Coaches
  • Oversight of English Language Learner (ELL) Program
  • Oversight of the K-12 On-Line Program and Cottage School
  • Facilitate District Initiatives/Committees
  • District Leadership for Wellness Committee
  • Course Approvals and Management of CCHE Requirements
  • Instructional Calendar
  • Homeschool Program
  • Homeless Liaison


  • District and School Accreditation
  • District Leadership for District and School Improvement Data & Plans


  • District Leadership for all State and Local Assessments
  • District Leadership for Data Analysis and Reporting
  • District Leadership and Coordination of Data Warehouse System
  • District Leadership for Literacy Assessments and Reporting
  • State and Federal Reporting

Professional Development

  • District Leadership for Professional Learning

NCLB Federal Grants

  • District Leadership for NCLB Federal Grants
  • State and Federal Reporting
  • NCLB Authorized Representative
Business Services  

Brian Gustafson
Director of Business Services







Vicki Huffor
Accounting Assistant











Mona Larsen
Records Specialist/Accounting Asst









Cathy Mula
Accounting Assistant










Dianna Trimble
Payroll & Benefits

  • Oversight of Business Services Department
  • Banking and Wire Transfers
  • Monitor Investments
  • Perform Annual Budgeting Process
  • Annual Audit
  • State and Federal Reporting
  • Oversight of Contracts and Leases
  • Mill Levy Certification
  • Bond Payments


  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Insurance Renewals (student accident, catastrophic, property/auto, pollution, notary, volunteer accident, fiduciary, work comp)
  • Work Comp Cost Containment and CASE safety committee
  • W9's and District Vendor List Maintenance
  • 1099's
  • Monitor Individual Schools' School Funds (internal) accounts for 1099 needs
  • Notary Public
  • Monitor Charge Card Use
  • Stock Supplies
  • District Liaison to the Colorado School District Self Insurance Pool
  • Monitor Mail Room Needs - add postage to the postage machine as needed
  • Track and Troubleshoot Orders; Coordinate Deliveries As Needed
  • Receipt Checks for Deposit
  • Monitor Van Usage
  • Track Student Wellness Grant


  • Process Student Registrations
  • Infinite Campus - enter new students, obtain SASIDs, make changes
  • October Count Report
  • End of Year Report
  • Special Education Data Maintenance
  • District Drivers List and Records Maintenance
  • Input Payroll Leave/Sub Hours - Attendance
  • Daily Distribution of Purchase Orders
  • Accounts Payable Verification
  • Banking
  • Accounting Duties
  • Payroll Backup


  • Accounting Duties
  • Free/Reduced Applications
  • Transportation Report - CDE 40
  • Transportation Registration
  • Vocational Education Reports
  • Bank Reconciliations - internal accounts and district accounts
  • Infinite Campus - enter new students, obtain SASIDs, make changes
  • Financial & CDE Audits - obtain back-up and complete exception list
  • Payroll & Accounts Payable Backup
  • Copiers Supply Oversight
  • Tax Distribution Recording
  • Medicaid Processing
  • Random Moment Time Studies
  • E-Rate Monitoring and Processing
  • Food Service Reimbusement Claims


  • Monthly Payroll & Benefits
  • New Employee Processing & Orientation
  • Verify and Monitor Employee Attendance (vacation, personal, sick)
  • Timecard Collection
  • Tax Deposits
  • Submit PERA File
  • Reconcile Monthly Statements and Insurance Premiums


Human Resources  

Jed Bowman

Superintendent of Schools


Sandy Newsom
Human Resources Supervisor












  • Oversight of Human Resources Department



  • Posting and Monitoring Vacancies
  • Applicant Portal
  • Placement - Certified/Classified and Co-curricular Contracts
  • Background Checks
  • District-wide Personnel Records
  • Evaluation Cycle
  • District-wide FTE Breakdown
  • District-wide Staff Breakdown
  • Maintain all CPR/First Aid Courses
  • Personnel Action to the Board of Education
  • Teacher Licenses
  • Job Fairs
  • Retirements
  • Induction Program
  • SubFinder Management
  • District Tax Offset Program for Senior Citizens
  • CDE HR Report
  • Highly Qualified Status of NCLB
  • Notary Services
  • Student Teacher Placement
  • Labor Law Compliance
Exceptional Student Services  

Adric Arndt
Special Education Coordinator


  • Special Education
  • Liaison with Ute Pass BOCES
  • RTI
  • Gifted/Talented
  • Child Find
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Nurses
  • HB1451
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Medicaid
  • 504
  • SWAP
  • Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) Coordinator
  • Oversee Itinerants, Social Workers, OT/PT, Vision, Psych, Speech, Contracted Employees
  • Out of District Placement Contact
  • ESY Programs
  • Special Transportation
  • Budget Development and Management

Tina Cassens
Director of Educator Effectiveness & Instructional Technology










Rick Kane
Network Administrator












James Bressler
Systems Administrator










Tina Madison
Information Technology Specialist








Lisa Snider
Technology Specialist




  • Strategic Leadership for implementation of Educator Effectiveness


  • Information Technology Services Leadership and Strategic Vision
  • District Leadership for Application and Support Services
  • Leadership and Development of Technology and Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • District Leadership for Education Technology Information Literacy (ETIL)
  • State and Federal Reporting
  • Professional Development Related to Educational Technology
  • Provide and Support an Effective Technology Environment for the entire WPSD Educational Community that Empowers Students and Educators
  • Oversight of Technology Department
  • Assist District Technology Troubleshooting  - as needed
  • Assist District Technology Curriculum implementation Efforts
  • District Cell Phones


  • WPSD Server Management and Maintenance
  • Alio Server Maintenance
  • VM Server Management and Maintenance
  • DR and Backup Management
  • Xirrus Array Management
  • Active Directory and GPO Management
  • Network User Accounts
  • Email Account Creation
  • Network File and Folder Permissions
  • WPHS and Gateway Tech Support
  • Desktop Computer Maintenance
  • UPS Backup Diagnostic Check
  • Server Maintenance
  • WiFI Administration
  • Googls Apps Support
  • District Cell Phones - Iphones


  • Manage SCCM Server
  • IOS Management
  • District PC Imaging and Patching
  • District PC Software Deployment
  • WSUS Management of PC's
  • Overall Health Validation of PC's
  • Reporting on District PC's
  • Web Filter Policy Management and Firewall Administration
  • Columbine, Summit, and WPMS Tech Support
  • Desktop Computer Maintenance
  • UPS Backup Diagnostic Check
  • Google Apps Support


  • Infinite Campus Main Administrator
  • Food Service POS Management
  • State Reporting Liaison
  • SCANTRON Data File Management
  • Alpine Data File Management
  • NWEA Data File Management
  • ThinkCentral Data File Management
  • DIBELS Data File Management
  • FitnessGram Data File Management
  • Website Tech Support


  • Infinite Campus Backup Administrator
  • WPHS Main Tech Support
  • WPHS Scheduling, Grading, Testing Specialist
  • District, Columbine, Gateway, Summit, WPMS Tech Support
  • Desktop Computer Maintenance
Food Service  

Brian Gustafson
Director of Business Services

David Maki
Chartwells Manager

  • Oversight of Food Services
  • Request for Proposal Process
  • Liaison with Food Service Provider
  • Contracting
  • Monitor Financial Reports
  • Complete Annual CDE Reports
  • Free and Reduced Verification

Ron Stone
Manager of Operations

  • Oversight of Maintenance and Facilities Operations
  • Develops and Coordinates Construction Projects District-wide in Compliance with Local, State, and Building Code Requirements
  • Auditorium Equipment Inspection
  • Fire Inspections
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Health Safety Inspections
  • Card Access Systems
  • Security Systems
  • PBX Phone Systems
  • A/V Systems
  • Classroom Projectors
  • Auditorium A/V Systems
  • Intercom/Bell Schedule Systems
  • Classroom Code Policies
  • Building Code Policies
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • General Grounds Maintenance
  • Maintain Master Cell Phone Directory
  • PS/ALI Update
  • NEC Matworks Phone Update
  • Security Cameras
  • ADA Doors
  • District Cell Phones - except Iphones



Brian Gustafson
Director of Business Services

John Thomasson
Durham School Services Manager


  • Oversight of Transportation
  • Request for Proposal Process
  • Liaison with Transportation Provider
  • Contracting
  • Monitor Financial Reports
  • Route Evaluation and Analysis
  • Transportation Fee Implementation








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