Cold Weather Guidelines

Cold Weather

Guidelines and Expectations

We will be outside if the temperature is above 20
degrees and it is NOT wet.

We have the wonderful advantage of having snow here in Colorado.
Our students enjoy the opportunity to play in the snow during their recess times.

In order to play in the snow a student must:

  •  Wear appropriate clothing: gloves, hat, boots, snow pants (or a
    change of pants so they are not wet during class)
  • Adhere to all playground expectations: NO throwing or kicking
    snow at each other
  •  Stay out of the mud and off of the ice
  •  Listen to the playground monitors
  • If sledding, (only for students in grades 2-5; kindergartners and 1st
    graders do not sled because they do not play on the field) students:

    • Can bring their sled at their own risk; the school is not
      responsible for lost and damaged sleds
    • Must ask permission of the bus driver if the student rides
      the bus in order to carry the sled on the bus
    • Can lose sledding privileges if they are inappropriate or
      unsafe (at the discretion of the teacher and the playground
  • Sledding will only take place during lunch recess

We love to be outside and enjoy our natural resources.

As weather can change on a dime, please always consider sending your child with what they need in order to be outside safely and comfortably.


If your family is in need, and you could use cold weather necessities during
this time of year, please do not hesitate to contact our counselor,
(Suzanne Wipprecht,

Click HERE for a Printout of Our Cold Weather Expectations

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