Locker Policy

All students keep their lock that is assigned to them when they start classes at the high school.  At the end of each school year, the student turns in their lock to their Advisory teacher to be held over the summer break.  It will be returned to the students for the following school year to be placed on their new locker assignment.  Seniors are not assigned a locker.  If they decide they would like one assigned that request can be made one week after the start of school.  If a senior needs a locker, they can request one from Mrs. Zeller and one will be assigned.  Please note that a locker is not needed for senior locker decorating at the end of the school year.  If parents desire to decorate their students’ locker, one can be assigned to them at the end of the year for that purpose.  Please understand that if a lock is lost or misplaced during the school year, we require that a new lock be purchased from the main office for $15.  We do not allow locks to be brought in.  Locks will be cut off of the lockers if they are not from WPHS.

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