Columbine News, September 15, 2018

In this issue:

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  • Message from the principal and highlights of the week
  • Thank you!
  • Columbine Directory

 Great Saturday to all!

This message starts, of course, with A Very Big Day, Annual Walk-A-Thon:

  • Without a doubt, Tuesday energized every single person in our community while opening a week of committed fundraising at Columbine.  If we can dream it, we can achieve it!  Our special thanks go to the second grade parents under the leadership of Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Peterson, and Mrs. Goldberg who brought us all together. ·
  • Friday, September 21 is a due date for the pledges. Just as every lap counted toward Columbine’s mileage on Tuesday, every envelope, every pledge, every donation counts!
  • As always, all funds raised (without exception!) stay at Columbine, supporting the Retired Teachers Program, the Masters Classes, quality literature in every classroom, and grounds improvements. Donations/Pledges are tax deductible if made through/to the WPSD Foundation. Please check your packets (extras are available in the office) or Donate On-Line HERE.  
  • I sincerely hope that this part of the message will adequately express and humbly inspire the feeling of deep gratitude.

  • Parents and Guardians: for sending your children prepared with action shoes and water bottles. Every single child was prepared and contributed her/his best!
  • Columbine students: for working hard and demonstrating that achieving goals and helping the school can be very joyful.
  • Volunteers: we used every banana, orange, water bottle, shade tent, lap counter, support staff, runner, cheerleader, and more!  This would not have happened without you.
  • Teachers and Staff: for your assistance, spirit, flexibility and support.
  • District Maintenance Team: for grading our field and providing the spray paint for markings.
  • Columbine’s Maintenance Team: for your assistance in preparing, setting- and cleaning-up.
  • Columbine Community: for your support and encouragement.

Thank you for your partnership in making Columbine such a lovely place to be.

Kindest regards,

Veronica Wolken, Principal

 If you want to participate, please follow the link and provide as much or as little information for the directory as you desire.  Once the information is collected, we will share the directory in electronic format via e-mail.  A few hard copies will be available in the office. Important: if you have more than one student at Columbine, please submit a form for each child.

2018-2019 Columbine Directory Submission CLICK HERE

~Wednesday, September 19, Homecoming Parade and Bonfire, 5:45 – 9:00 pm
~Friday, September 21, Walk-A-Thon Pledges are Due
~Tuesday, September 25, 7:45 – 9:00 am, Parent-Principal Coffee

Columbine News, September 9, 2018

In this issue: ·

  • News and Updates are posted on the web under PK-5 Links
  • Message from the principal and highlights of the week
  • Note from Mrs. Meyer, “Calling All Singers”
  • Upcoming events and things to know

 Great Sunday afternoon to all!  Allow me to share last week’s highlights with you:

  • Our staff was involved into a day-long training on Tuesday.  Along with our district colleagues, we discussed critical concepts that our students must master as we plan our curriculum work.
  •  Friday morning meeting was dedicated to appreciation of the families that volunteered during summer in various projects at Columbine.
  • Walk-A-Thon envelopes went home on Friday!

Thank you for your continuous commitment to our Columbine!

Kindest regards, Veronica Wolken, Principal

 Tuesday, September 11!  Come one, come all!

The Walk-A-Thon has two goals:

~ First and most importantly, it is meant to inspire activity through a fun day of being outside and walking with the students’ grade levels. Columbine students walked over 700 miles last year!

~ Second, money is raised directly for Columbine without having our kids sell stuff for other companies. 100% of donations stay at and benefit Columbine. Students raised over $18,000 in the 2017 Walk-A-Thon!

~ Are you ready to help?  We can’t do it without each other!  Click Walk-A-Thon  Help Sly Reply
~ Please pass the word to all our friends, donors and supporters along with the reminder that checks made to “WPSD Foundation” are tax-deductible.
NOTE FROM MRS. MEYERS, “Calling All Singers!”

Dear families, Columbine Choir starts Wednesday, September 19 at 2:45 p.m. in the cafeteria.  All 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who love to sing and have fun are invited to join.  Please fill out the choir form HERE and return it, with fees, to Mrs. Meyer by Sept. 19.  Scholarships are available.  Hope to see your singer in choir!

  • Tuesday, September 11, Very Big, Day, Columbine’s Annual Walk-A-Thon!
  • Monday, September 17 – Saturday, September 22, District-Wide, Homecoming Week!
  • Wednesday, September 19, Homecoming Parade and Bonfire, 5:45 – 9:00 pm
  • Friday, September 21, Walk-A-Thon Pledges are Due
  • Tuesday, September 25, 7:45 – 9:00 am, Parent-Principal Coffee