WPHS Reorganizes Administration

Woodland Park High School is preparing for the new school year with a new administration team.

WPHS Principal Kevin Burr is the interim principal for the school year. He was twice been named Kansas High School Principal of the Year and has served as an assistant superintendent and superintendent. “Throughout my career I have served in many leadership roles over my 35 years in education, but I realize that I am at my best as a high principal,” Burr said. “I am looking forward to building relationships with staff, students, and the entire WPHS community.”

Karen Hamlow, previously the Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT) the past three years at WPHS, was hired as one of two assistant principals. Cindy Gannon will continue her 10th year as an assistant principal. She has been with WPHS for 21 years.

Sara Lee is now the Dean of Student Services. Beginning her 13th year at WPHS, she has taught Theatre and English classes at WPHS and WPMS.

Joe Roskam, WPHS football coach, is the new Athletic Director. Coach Roskam will continue coaching football along with overseeing the entire WPHS athletic department. He is beginning his 8th year at WPHS.

Tina Cassens continues her position as the Director of Secondary Schools. “I am confident the reorganization of our high school administration will make a positive impact on our staff, students, and entire culture,” Cassens said. “We are looking forward to a great year!”

The first day of school is August 22.

Ordering Transcripts

This is a reminder that the registrar and counselors need five school days to process a transcript request, letters of recommendation, college application and scholarship.  This is a busy time of the year so this deadline will be adhered to unless there is an extreme emergency.  Waiting until the last minute on a due date is not an emergency, so please plan ahead.


If you are currently a WPHS student:

1. Complete and submit your college/scholarship application.
2. Print off the page requesting a WPHS transcript (please be sure this page includes mailing information and your full name).
3.  Submit this request to Mrs. Rucker, Registrar. (Five school days notice is required for processing and completion of other documents to be included with official transcript).

If you are a Graduate:

1.  Access Transcript Request Form
2.  Print off form and complete.
3.  Fax, mail or email your completed form.

Attn: Registrar at (719) 687-8411

Woodland Park High School
Attn: Registrar
PO Box 6820
Woodland Park, CO 80866


Joyce Rucker at JRucker@wpsdk12.org. Please be sure to include your name, date of birth, graduation year, and the complete mailing address of the college.