Suggested Reading for 2018-19 English Classes

These books have been suggested by your teachers for your enjoyment and learning throughout the summer.  Required? No. Suggested? Yes. And, if a book looks interesting to you and you are NOT enrolled in that class, read it anyway!  

English 1 (Ms. Lee)

  • Lord of the Flies
  • Between Shades of Gray
  • A Separate Peace

Honors English I (Mrs. Stone)

  • Peace Like a River
  • The Odyssey (any translation)

AP Literature – 2 from the following (Mrs. Stone)

  • Pride and Prejudice
  • 1984
  • Cat’s Cradle
  • Frankenstein
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God
  • As I Lay Dying

Non-Fiction and Short Story Literature (Ms. Cook)

  • A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley
  • The Color Purple, Alice Walker (fiction, Pulitzer Prize)
  • Desert Solitaire, Edward Abbey (non-fiction)
  • A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Annie Dillard (non-fiction)
  • Red, Terry Tempest Williams (non-fiction)
  • The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros
  • Still Life, Alice Munro (short stories)
  • The Kite Runner, Housseni (fiction)
  • Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut (fiction)
  • Dune, Frank Herbert (sci-fi)
  • Go Set a Watchman, Harper Lee (especially if you have read To Kill a Mockingbird)
  • In Cold Blood, Truman Capote (true crime)
  • Olive Kittredge Elizabeth Strout (fiction, 2009 Pulitzer Prize)
  • Beloved, Toni Morrison (fiction, 1988 Pulitzer Prize)
  • The Game of Thrones, Book One and series, George Martin
  • The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara (historical fiction–Pulitzer Prize, 1975)

Mythology and Science Fiction (Ms. Cook and Mr. Post)

  • Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman
  • A Lake in the Woods, Tim O’Brien
  • The Hobbit, Tolkein
  • Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-Lewis Carol
  • War of the Worlds-H.G. Wells
  • I, Robot-Isaac Asimov
  • Dune-Frank Herbert
  • American Gods-Neil Gaiman
  • Childhood’s End-Arthur C. Clarke
  • Fahrenheit 451-Ray Bradbury

Short Story (Ms. Skudrzyk)

    • Any short stories by the following authors:
      • Jack London, Katherine Mansfield, Langston Hughes, Amy Tan, Edgar Allen Poe, Charlotte Perkins Gillman

Poetry (Ms. Skudrzyk)

  • The following novels are written in all poems:
    • The Crossover & Soul (both by Alexander Kwame
  • I highly recommend indulging in any of the works by the following poets:
    • William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Gwendolyn Brooks, E. E. Cummings, William Carlos Williams, & anyone else you are drawn to!

There are some awesome collections out there! Have fun exploring them!

Honors American Lit and Teen Lit (Mr. Schroetlin)

  • The Scarlet Letter
  • The House of Mirth
  • Sister Carrie

Summer School

Summer School at WPHS is June 4-22.  All classes are APEX online.  We are offering Credit Recovery, “Get Ahead” courses to gain new credits, and Math and  English enrichment.

The cost is $185 and the hours are from 8 AM until 12:30 PM.

There are brochures in the counseling area and front office.  Call your student’s counselor for more information on what classes might benefit your student to stay on track to graduate or even graduate early.

Mark Martin (Alphabet A to G) – 686-2072
Jennifer Johnston (Alphabet H to O) – 686-2070
John Paul Geniesse (Alphabet P to Z) – 686-2104